Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decathalon Hottie: Romain Barrass

French decathalete, Romain Barrass, nicely toned, great pecs, slim hotness and a bit of a bulge

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cycling Hottie: Mark Cavendish

Okay, so cyclist Mark Cavendish's boy-next-door good looks would not normally gain him access to these Hottie pages...except for one very prominent reason outlined in his lycra suit. They don't call him the "Manx Missile" for nothing!
Is that a bicycle pump in your pocket or are you pleased to see us?

Rugby Hottie: James Haskell

If anyone could convincingly campaign for the word 'beefcake' to come back into common parlance, it would be England rugby hottie, James Haskell.

If you imagine a pictoral definition of testosterone, you'd could do worse than ogle the beefy pecs, the beefy biceps and the beefy thighs of the England Rugby Union flanker.


Boxing Hottie: Kevin Mitchell

Dagenham's finest Kevin Mitchell is as fit as a butcher's dog. Gains his Hottie status through a babyface thug look, toned stomach and a sexy (sometimes hairy) chest. Seconds out!


Football Hottie: John Terry

Well since he is hitting the headlines for his bad boy antics, what's a few more column inches about Chelsea centre back John Terry?

Who better to christen our new The Sporting Hotties blog than the 29-year old footballer.
He might be as randy as a goat, but there is clear evidence he is hung like a horse.
And following on from that bromance picture with fellow Hottie, Frank Lampard, and their bulge-a-thon, let's explore another of his Hottie credentials: the washboard stomach
Any butt shots? Oh go on - just the one.